E-Commerce and Phone App Solutions for Grocers

Great Lakes Data Systems offers the most comprehensive customer engagement platform on the market, period – Featuring a unified design that aligns in-store, online and in-app transactions.  All elements of the loyalty program and customer file are seamlessly woven into the e-commerce engine, which interact transparently with the phone application.  Now consumers can search and build shopping lists online, utilize the phone app to update and apply promotions while shopping, then transfer the entire cart to the in-store POS at checkout.  Data transfer between touchpoints flows naturally and in real time.

Our e-commerce and phone app engines are browser independent, allowing your e-storefront, your phone app or both to be utilized on any device regardless of size, shape or operating system. BEST OF ALL, these new touchpoints are managed from one system, via the exact same interface your staff uses to maintain in-store items.  No Importing, No Exporting, No Interacting with Third Parties!