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How to Properly Clean a POS Pin Pad

Monday March 23, 2020

Like any device, a credit card reader is not immortal to germs. Yet it’s easy to forget the influence a pin pad can have on the spread of disease like the coronavirus, or that inside the terminal dirt can slowly build up and disable the device over time. Therefore, to prevent the spread of germs and prolong the life of the device, here’s a step-by-step process on how to properly clean a POS pin pad:



  • Lint-free or microfiber cloths

  • Disposable, disinfectant wipes or cloth sprayed with disinfect

  • Cleaning card for the card slot

  • Cleaning solution: mix of 80% alcohol and 20% distilled water


Step 1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning the pin pad. 

This is very important because certain things, like the type of cleaning product used, can nullify the warranty of the device. 

Step 2. Unplug the pin pad from the power source and turn off (if possible).

Turning off your device and unplugging it from the wall is crucial. This helps avoid electrical shocks and permanently damaging your device. However, residual static electricity still has the potential to cause harm. To remove residual static electricity simply touch a metal part of the case, but not any of the inside components. 

Step 3. Carefully rub the exterior of the pin pad with the wipe or cloth.

Never spray your cleaning solution directly onto the machine! The liquid will seep into the corners and permanently damage the device. Instead, carefully rub the exterior of the card machine with the wipe or cloth, one surface at a time. Be particularly thorough around buttons and sides where people tend to grab the terminal. If an area gets too wet, immediately wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Step 4. Use the cleaning card according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5. Wash your hands, plug the pin pad back in and power on.

Once cleaned, and you’re certain the surface is completely dry, you can then reconnect your pin pad to the power source and turn on. It is now ready to use again.

How to clean and disinfect credit cards

Did you know that credit and debit cards could be one of the most contaminated things in your bag? Just like cash, credit cards can also spread bacteria. That’s why we recommend cleaning your cards regularly in one of the following ways:
  • Wipe down the card with a disinfectant wipe, then leave it to dry.
  • Use a UV light sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of the bacteria on the surface.