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POSitouch has provided technologically advanced solutions to the table service industry for over a decade. The client base ranges from national chains to independent operators and all have come to utilize the product as an invaluable tool for managing their businesses. The vast functionality provides tremendous flexibility in creating “custom” fit solutions. Years of customer input and feature development provide many options in terms of how the system can assist in operating a restaurant.

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POSitouch offers a premium software suite with the features and functionality to support restaurants of all sizes, from independent locations to national chains. Whether you need one terminal or fifty, if you prefer fixed-position terminals or mobile terminals, POSitouch has the solution to fit your business. With leading-edge technology, unparalleled support and training, and the ability to customize a solution to exactly fit your needs, it’s no wonder why POSitouch has been awarded the industry’s highest recognitions and consistently maintains

Mix and match with bar codes and touch screens, multiple profit centers and food, beverage, and retail items on one check with separate subtotals or separate checks. Complete your system with integrated credit card service, security camera interface, and handhelds with bar code readers.

How POSiTouch Can Help You

POSitouch is the top choice of restaurateurs as the preferred POS solution because of the many features it offers and the built-in ability to accommodate restaurants of all types. Our history and knowledge allows us to vertically integrate the tools you need to run a successful and profitable enterprise. With leading edge technology, unparalleled support and training, and the ability to customize a solution to exactly fit your needs, it’s no wonder why we have been awarded the industry’s highest recognitions and consistently maintain excellent client satisfaction

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Available Enhancements

Software Add-On: Lighthouse Business Management System

The Lighthouse Business Management System provides a number of tools to boost your business!

Customize your dashboard with a wide range of widgets to put the most useful information at your fingertips.

Access a wide range of useful reports to gain insights about your business operations

Learn more about Lighthouse

Hardware Add-On: SkyTab

Supercharge your business with SkyTab. The FREE pay-at-the-table solution.

  • More Secure payments
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Build a Marketing Database
  • Improve Online Reputation

Learn more about SkyTab

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PosiTouch Offers

Table Management:

Manage table turns, See the status of an order in the kitchen with the touch of a button. Up to six definable color changes to show the progress of a table. Know the status of the entire dining room from one spot

Labor Scheduling & Timekeeping Tools:

Enforce schedules. Schedule based on forecasts. Schedule based on budget. Schedule based on forecasts. Schedule based on budget

Mobile Technology Solutions:

Order taking. Selling gift cards. Curbside takeout – order taking and payment. Ability to pay at the table. Line busting. Inventory management

Inventory Management:

Daily, weekly and monthly counts. Critical item counts. Par levels. Automatic purchase orders based on par levels.Purchase orders uploaded to suppliers


Integrated credit/debit processing. Free EMV/NFC payment terminal. Secure processing solution. Competitive rates

Delivery Module:

Caller ID available. Multi-account from the same location. Re-order from order history. Driver dispatch and cash accountability


Integrated Gift/Loyalty:

Check card balances and transactions online. Customized card designs. Online help and training


POSiGuestPay Pay-at-Table Solution:

POSiGuestPay allows guests to pay at the table using any creditcard or gift card. Guests may pay multiple checks or split checks among multiple people. Guests can add gratuities including custom amounts, print receipts, or email receipts. This built-in pay-at-table functionality saves servers and guests time at the end of the meal with the comfort of keeping the guests’ payment card at the table

Interface to Video Surveillance Systems:

Search and store transactions more efficiently. Monitor items ordered. Reduce cash loss. Record money received

Integrated Color Kitchen Video Displays:

Speed of service tools. Up to six color changes based on prep time and overdue prep time. Delayed prep routing available, send items to the kitchen based on prep time. Variable window format display available. 4, 8, 10, or 18 window VDU available. Expedite orders – move orders to the front of the cue. Bump by touch or by external device. Individual prep time per station. Split screen capability. Ability to bump orders from one VDU to another. Four different routing schemes available based on time or volume

Quick Menu Enterprise Management:

Manage multiple site menu databases from a central location. Manage same day and upcoming menu promotions and sale promotions from a central location. POSiConnect Transporter allows you to schedule menu updates to be pushed to a single location or multiple locations

Web-based Reservation System:

Accept online reservations via website, web pages, and Facebook page. View guest’s dining profile and history during the reservation process. Email reservation confirmation to guests. Automatic email notifications to management when VIP guests makes a reservation. Improve customer relationships with advanced, automated communications

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