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Are you ready for the Digital Transformation Process in Grocery Retail?

Jul 01, 2024

As the landscape of eCommerce continues to evolve rapidly, the grocery retail sector is catching up with innovative digital transformation strategies. Great Lakes Data Systems is proud to partner with Local Express to enable our clients to be able to take advantage of this gowth. Did you know that in the last year alone, global eCommerce sales have skyrocketed, reaching over 5.2 trillion US dollars, with predictions pointing towards even more impressive growth in the near future. Local Express offers a range of features alongside their mobile app, eCommerce website, self-service kiosk... Read more...

Ready to go Paperless?

Jun 11, 2024

We are excited to start offering a paperless option to our valued clients. In preparation for the upcoming launch of our paperless service you can submit your information below and we'll get you all set up when it launches. Click here to submit your information ... Read more...

Our Dedication to Customer Service

Mar 11, 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we're thrilled to introduce new ways for our clients to access our services and utilize our self-checkout feature through the Learning Center. Here's a brief overview of the new options: Web Portal: Clients can now conveniently access our services through our user-friendly web portal. With just a few clicks, they can place service requests, access resources, and utilize the self-checkout feature, streamlining their experience and saving valuable time. Visit and click ‘Service Request’. Le... Read more...