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SMS Quickstore Online Ordering

Apr 03, 2020

Loc Software is offering a new online ordering platform called Quickstore. It is a slimmed down version of their ecommerce package designed entirely to get the store up and online as fast as possible. In the interest of speed, some features have been removed. Watch Loc themselves explain it in the video below. ... Read more...

How to Properly Clean a POS Pin Pad

Mar 23, 2020

Like any device, a credit card reader is not immortal to germs. Yet it’s easy to forget the influence a pin pad can have on the spread of disease like the coronavirus, or that inside the terminal dirt can slowly build up and disable the device over time. Therefore, to prevent the spread of germs and prolong the life of the device, here’s a step-by-step process on how to properly clean a POS pin pad:   Supplies Lint-free or microfiber cloths Disposable, disinfectant wipes or cloth sprayed with disinfect Cleaning card for the card... Read more...

How to Properly Clean a Touch Screen

Mar 20, 2020

As touch screens, phones, and tablets become more frequent in the way stores and restaurants conduct business, and with COVID-19’s arrival in the United States, touch screens need to be frequently and thoroughly sanitized to reduce the risk of spreading infection. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to properly clean a touch screen:   Supplies Lint-free or microfiber cloth Cleaning solution: mix of 80% alcohol and 20% distilled water Step 1. Turn off and disconnect the device from all power sources. Turning off your device and unplugging it from the wall i... Read more...