Making a difference for those who make a difference

Here at GLDS, we are committed to helping you establish and maintain a profitable and efficient business system. In keeping with our commitment, we provide a variety of products and support options to develop personalized system solutions.

Grocery POS Solutions

Our POS solutions provide Grocery businesses the ability to run their businesses efficiently and increase productivity.

Convenience, Fuel & Liquor Stores

GLDS offers the most complete tool set available for convenience, fuel and liquor stores.

Retail & RMH

GLDS offers the most complete tool set available for general retail stores.

Learning Center

Our clients receive exclusive access to the GLDS Learning Center. Access a variety of video resources to enable you to unlock the full potential of your system - no matter what time of day!

GLDS Your Businesses Point of Sale Partner for Life

We are a Total Solutions Provider of POS Systems.

Since 1969, Great Lakes Data Systems has been providing industry leading POS Systems Sales, Service and Support throughout Michigan. We are a ONE STOP Solution Provider of Hardware, Software, Training and Support – Allowing you to run your business efficiently and more profitably – Insuring Your Success !

We specialize in Grocery, General Retail, and Hospitality Including Fine Dining and Fast Food Solutions

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